Posted by: peterobakyene | July 2, 2009

Senior Two Knitting Class

Students of senior two have advanced in knitting. At the moment they are able to make some sweaters following the deligent instructions from their Teacher.

Senior Two, 2009

Senior Two, 2009

Posted by: peterobakyene | July 2, 2009

Life in St. Konrad Knitting Class

St. Konrad Integrated Vocational College wants to thank Dr. Herbert Hinterreiter who donated six knitting machines and 10 sawing machines to the Tailoring and knitting department. The Students and Staff are very grateful to his generosity.  Already the students’ uniform, that is trousers, shirts, blouses, sweaters and ties are made at school. The knitting and tailoring Department needs more help to aquire sufficient tools for all the students.

Dr. Hinterreiter 404.03.2009

Dr. Hinterreiter 04.03.2009Knitting Students from Year two, 2009

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